6" Hardwire Light Bar Package
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6" Hardwire Light Bar Package

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  • Item #: TR00029
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Surprisingly a lot of power for this 12 LED /6" light bar.  Heads and tails above any stock OEM lighting kit.

Coming in at 3100 lumens/35 Watts, this kit has, as with all our packages, everything you need to plug and play.

Allows you to connect to your e-start battery on board your bike.  Includes the light, mounting hardware including brakeline spacers, zip ties, hardwire wire harness,


Package includes everything you need to plug and play, including:

-6" Light Bar (12 LED/ 12 - Spot Beams in middle )

-Zip ties

-Mounting hardware and brakeline spacers

-Wire Harness for hardwiring to your e-Start system with on/off switch for your handlebars



Perfect for that smaller bore bike like XR's, TTR's, KTM''s, CRF's, KLX's, etc.  For play riding and lesser speeds.

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